Smaac Net Solutions is a Manufacturing ERP Systems provider. We develop ERP systems that put the customer first. 

Within a period of 3  years, Smaac ERP is used actively by more than 1000 users across various cities.

As we continue to grow and develop, adding new elements to our services and new experts to our team, Smaac remains focused on its core vision: to become the most respected manufacturing ERP solution provider in the world.

Our Vision

Our Vision

At Smaac, we want to share our experiences and knowledge which our team has gained in the industry. Our MD has setup number of plants & industries in the past 25 years. One of major achievements has been development of ERP for all the three business verticals. It would not have been possible to manage such large business in absence of software solutions which we used. We want industry to gain from the unique concepts we have developed in our business.

What is unique about Smaac ERP systems ?

What is unique about Smaac ERP systems is that these are knowledge based ERP systems. These ERP are developed by industry own people and not outsiders. ERP took shape with time and it stood the test of time. Over years more than 200 users gave there inputs in refining this ERP. What has been needed by the industry was answered by the ERP. Most of ERP systems work as standard platforms where one needs to build the structure for the industry. Every industry needs solutions specific to their industry but someone from industry only can build these solutions. Process experts from the industry can only develop these solutions with time. Customization is not the answer to most of solutions needed. So what we intent to offer is industry specific solutions built on experience with time.

Our Story

Sushil Gupta (CEO) passed his mechanical engineering from RECK (now NIT Kurukshetra) in 1986. He passed his M.Tech. (IIT Delhi) in 1988. In 1991, he set up his own process house. It was a modest beginning with an investment of 15 lacs.

Despite new to the textiles he challenged his competitors with innovations and entrepreneurship.  In 2002 the company started another dyeing house with 4x capacity & modern technology for processing of knitted fabrics in Gurgaon.  Knitting & garments sections were also added later on. In 2006, 4x capacity process house was set up in Faridabad in 2007. In 2009 the company started pre-engineered buildings (PEB) division at Kashipur.

Smaac is a strong combination of youngsters and industry specialists. With its rich experience, Smaac offers custom software along with services in engineering and IT fields. Within a span of 3 years, Smaac ERP is used by more than 1000 users across various cities. 


Partnerships & Integrations

To provide best-in-class technology services we have partnered and forged alliances with top providers in their industry.